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What makes WMBC?

What makes WMBC, simple answer, days like today! Everyone pulling together, giving up time and making their club a monumental success! Smiling and happy and enjoying everything WMBC stands for. Not a few everyone turned up and helped and mucked in.

This is a message from one our members I've received tonight, and i hope they don't mind me passing on the sentiment " What a great day, with fantastic teamwork. I have never been in a club where I have felt more welcome and included". That sums up WMBC perfectly.!

The team and I mean everyone did themselves and the club VERY proud. We are now sat (as I type) at the most prestigious event in the county this year, invited guests and very honored to be here too.

So we have just over 100 boats on display final count tomorrow the entire WMBC crew doing their hobby, their club and themselves very proud, some absolute show stoppers on display! Five yes five gazebo's filled and a plethora of boats on the water too. Were still pinching ourselves we are here, this is huge and the stunning cars were seeing arrive making us dribble. Our location, front row seats on the racing!!

Some amazing cars and stars here, Just a few taster pics, Maybe a few of you will recognize these superstars of film.

One monumental weekend in the evolution of WMBC,

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