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Welcome 2020

2020 dawns, the WMBC team ready for another year of fantastic sailing and fun. Eager with anticipation of what this year will bring. Can the best get any better? you bet we can!

WMBC kept sailing throughout the festivities and enjoyed some wonderful sailing at multiple venues. Welcomed even more new members and the team are still working through numerous enquiries.

So whats been happening on the water? lots of new vessels appearing on the water, notable a flotilla of new IOM (1m metre) class yachts all enjoying some wonderful times afloat. We also welcome a new DF95 which takes the cover shot this week (Nice Rob). Huge thanks here to Chris and Mike for the photo's :-) cheers guys!

A number of winter refurbs also appeared including the club DF65 and Alex's banana boat, both expertly restored by our resident sailing guru Brian. A number of other vessels (powered) new to WMBC have started to appear, including a fully RC goose and a wonderful aircraft carrier (well done Claire). Lots of other vessels, fast, slow, scale appearing, it's a challenge to keep up with such an active and enthusiastic club.

Happy boating everyone.

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