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Weekend to remember!

Saturday afternoon / evening brought along one of the outstanding events of the year for WMBC. A chance to have some real fun and enjoy some boating.

We were guests at Bournville Radio Sailing and Model Boat Club for their 2018 illuminated regatta, the guys and gals at Bournville couldn't have been more welcoming and hospitable. We have a great relationship with everyone there, long may it flourish and continue.

The event takes place over the afternoon and evening. During the day boats are on display and being sailed. The highlight of the event being the illuminated parade after dusk when the varying vessels are festooned with lights and paraded around the pool. It really is a spectacle and something very special.

Ok it was a little damp to kick off (but drips don't get wet), the event team soon had the new gazebo up and built in what felt like seconds. We showed off one of our brand new feather flags, very impressive it is too. Tables were soon up and the WMBC fleet soon on display. We quickly filled the 18ft gazebo with a fine array of vessels from the ancient to the modern and everything in between, the event as with everything WMBC , was really well supported.

By mid afternoon the light drizzle subsided and we had ideal conditions for night time sailing. Very soon the crowds were growing and it was a challenge to get through to the pool to see your vessel by the time the illuminated parade was starting.

The earlier drizzle may have put some people off, but WMBC actively used the pool throughout the day and had a great day of boating and smiles. The highlights below:

Ash managed to keep sailing throughout the whole event with his monster pusher tug, conducting some spectacular manoeuvres and a few rescues too.

Tracy Carpenter needs to get on commission for photographs as her stunning canal boat 'Amy Claire' must have had hundreds of photos taken of it, with so many positive comments.

Andy P's fishing boat looked more like an xmas tree than a boat, but looked stunning at night.

Sarah had her DC pusher tug 'Shunt' out for its first ever sail, sporting brushless power and 24v recovery truck LED's it was certainly bright!!

Malcolm and Barrie came along with their Aeronaut Queen and had a fine time shooting around the pool.

Dave and Alex both sailed motor cruisers Alex his one off Sealine T47 and Dave his ever popular Huntsman. Both sailed and looked superb lit up for the event.

We had numerous other vessels both on display and on the water, but If I listed everyone war and peace would be shorter.

There are literally hundreds of pictures floating round my desktop, these will be added to the website and the event photo's page. Shaun has also been busy behind the scenes, we now have our own dedicated YouTube channel: Here videos of our boats / events etc can be shown to the world, including plenty from Bournville, why not take a look and subscribe.

We of course thanked Bournville for our invitation. I thought this reply was worth passing onto everyone at WMBC: "Bournville Radio Sailing and Model Boat Club Without the support of your fantastic club and members, today would not have been the success it was. Please extend all our thanks to all who attended and look forward to seeing you all again next year


So that's another event on the diary for 2019, Bournville illuminated regatta.

Now its full speed ahead for Warwick......

Happy Sailing.


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