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We're No.1 and It's Official!

On only our second visit in only our third year as a club We secure the biggest accolade in model boating world. First place at the International Model Boat Show 2019! What a huge achievement and honor!

Huge vote of thanks to everyone who contributed and gave their time and effort, you all worked tirelessly to both get the stand built and setup but also man the stand all weekend, all with huge smiles and so much enthusiasm, it was infectious! Everyone of you gave 200% to YOUR club! I am so very very proud of WMBC and all its membership. You are one incredible bunch of people, you should all be very proud of what YOU have all achieved. Huge thanks to everyone!

Our amazing event team! did us really proud, all on hand Friday willing and able and soon we were setup, same true Sunday you all excelled. Some of you will know plans for Warwick were late to develop due to an amazing year and busy event season, amazing effort from everyone.

If you were there you witnessed the teams achievements! So now we can say we are No.1, we have a trophy, certificate and soon a shield to prove it!

We had a fully functioning Robotic Pirate (Pedro) who waved to welcome entrants to the show, sat in his own custom built pirate ship! it just looked amazing! Our display was absolutely stunning, the pride of the WMBC fleet coming out to show what WMBC is all about. Our display was unrivaled at the show, from Davids stunning 1915 papermache steam ship Edith through to a fully 3d printed tug only finished just before the event and everything in between. We also welcomed the stunning galleon 'Belem' which was the star of the show. Rex brought along his magnificent hovercrafts which gained so so much attention. Club stalwarts Amy Claire and K7 Bluebird, gained the huge attention they always draw. We were honored to have Malcolm Smiths wonderful RAF crash tender thanks to Paula and Claire, Malc would of been so proud of our achievement! It was all in memorial to him, and there was no better motivation.

We were congratulated by so many visitors, fellow clubs and the organisers, as well as the editor of Model Boats magazine, all were blown away by the efforts we had made and the outstanding display. Not bad for only our second appearance!

Results were handed out mid afternoon Saturday, Alex had elected to go and play with his RC trucks on the Tamiya Truckin display (his second passion). Imagine his shock when he was called over the venue public address to immediately return to the club stand! Thankfully Rex was on hand to take the controls of Alex's truck. Alex arrived to discover we as WMBC had been awarded 1st prize, after lots of high five's, cheers and clapping, Alex proudly accepted the trophy on behalf of the WMBC team from the event organisers, such a huge honour.

After lots of celebrations and photographs social media was updated, friends and family informed etc. Conversation soon moved to "how do we better this and win again in 2020". Up steps Alex with a theory, something very very close to his heart. The team embraced the theory, and wheels are already in motion. Lets just say if you thought 2019 was good, you've not seen anything yet.

Just a note of thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to this huge success and huge step in the evolution of WMBC. The WMBC team were busy spending and buying numerous new projects and kits to add to the WMBC fleet, we look forward to seeing them in the future. We also had numerous membership inquiries, it was one amazing weekend for WMBC.

So big tick on the WMBC bucket list First Prize Winners of the 2019 International Model Boat Show.

Congratulations everyone involved with WMBC!

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