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We are Sailing

A Great day welcomed team WMBC at Cob House today, despite the running event surrounding Worcester today a good turnout was had. Plenty of sailing taking place and the yachts were out in force. Plenty of existing motor boaters making the jump to sail to try something new.

Ironically, most seem to have opted for the Hobbyking Affinity yacht which offers great value and from the seems of it excellent sailing possibilities. We now have a number in the club fleet and more on the way. Today two new yacht sailors were out testing their boats and 'learning the ropes' so to speak, Both reporting excellent results. Roy did manage to get his yacht to reverse, which was rather impressive, but Roy sails real boats so perhaps he has special skills? Although he was rather perturbed when complete novice Andy overtook him!

Andy Johnson was also learning the ropes but had technical difficulties mid pond, remembering he hadn't powered his receiver. After a good giggle he was back at full tack.

Rob and David did their bit motor boat wise, keeping things real. Both their boats absolutely superb!

Andy got over his yachting confusion and got back to speed, joined by Dean they soon got things choppy for the sailing mob.

Plenty of other nautical action, members really looking forward to Bournville Illuminated regatta next Saturday, really looking forward to reporting in.

Happy sailing!


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