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Warwick Day Two update

Today (Saturday) was again a truly historic one for WMBC as we were once again deluged with visitors and positive comments. Many many people asking about the display and the club. It has been full on for the last two days, and WMBC's profile has certainly increased. Today we ventured onto the pond at Warwick with a number of WMBC's best doing their thing.

I shot a little video which should be now available on the club youtube channel: apologies for the rather dodgy camera work it was filmed on my phone and whilst trying to control a boat on the pond.

Some extra pictures of the stand from a different perspective (up at the restaurant). Tomorrow is sadly the last day, and we return home. We have done WMBC and ourselves proud! I know a number of members are visiting tomorrow, we hope to see you all at some point.

Barrie was again busy with Tamiya trucking, we managed to get him back at some points :-) The WMBC team boat buying frenzy continued, and now stands at 13, and I have no doubt we well get even more tomorrow..

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