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Warwick Day One update

WOW what a day!

What an amazing response to the WMBC stand and display, members on arrival to 'man' the stand amazed at the efforts that the event team had made, literally speechless at the stand and the boats on it. So, so many positive comments from some unexpected sources, it has been a very special day.

Throughout the day the stand has been absolutely buzzing, many commenting that our stand is the best one there! I would never be so bold, but it was being said by many many visitors. We had so many questions about the boats and about the club. Lots of visitors wanting to join team WMBC.

The guys and gals manning the stand, were amazing putting across the ethos and attitude of WMBC. You guys were amazing and all credit to your enthusiasm and thank you so much for your time today. Honestly, it could not have gone better, literally hundreds of pictures taken of

our boats and the stand.

Today's gossip, We lost Barrie to the Tamiya truckers, as ever WMBC only too keen to help fellow modelers. Team WMBC have been busy spending, so far purchased eight new boats to the WMBC fleet, I imagine a few more may be added.

Pictures of all the boats, and the stand below, will get more again tomorrow.


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