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Warwick 2018 Day 3 and full review

It's been a very busy time with all things connected with the International Boat Show at Warwick 2018.

What an amazing weekend, so many positive comments from fellow clubs, exhibitors, organisers and Joe public. I can honestly say it could not have gone any better.

Our efforts came good as we walked away from this prestigious event with an overall 4th in show, it's a HUGE achievement, especially as we missed out on 3rd spot by just one point! To come away 4th with so many prestigious clubs competing is a real achievement especially as this was our first time at Warwick. Already there is talk of what's possible for 2019.

Highlights, there are so very many, everyone involved was so enthusiastic. We had the stand full of boats, a complete variety of boats on display from steam to race boats and everything in between. The quality of our exhibits were superb, rivalling anything else attending. We sailed both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday, Ash decided he wanted to go for a paddle rather than just play with his boat and took to paddling in the exhibition pool. Could only happen to Ash.

Club members manned the stand without hesitation and without being asked, relishing talking all things model with the numerous visitors we had, and did we ever have a lot. We lost Barrie for sometime as he drifted over to the Tamiya trucking team, enjoying helping out and fixing as only Barrie can.

Worcester Model Boat Club had a good spending spree, I lost count at the number of new projects that have arrived at WMBC over the last few days. I guess it's over 20, Plenty to keep the WMBC team busy. Hopefully a number will arrive poolside in the next few weeks for testing.

Pictures of our vessels are now all over the interweb, and WMBC has a real buzz around it. That is down to the members and their enthusiasm for the event, well done all. We also had a prestigious model boat mayhem medal awarded to Andy Prosser for his fishing boat 'Emily', these are rarely handed out and we are very proud one of our members has received one.

In my infinite wisdom I sent a communication to the organisers thanking them for our 2018 invitation and support with the event. Asking to be considered for 2019 (as the event is by invitation only.)

I was most surprised by the quick response, thanking us for our enthusiasm and positive approach towards this years event, confirming we were already invited for the 2019 International Model Boat Show (9th and 10th November 2019). So best get those new boats built.

Loads of pictures (below) and videos added (below). We will add all the pictures to the events gallery over the next few weeks.

Well done to everyone at WMBC for the fantastic achievement. You may spot Wing Commander Rider in the distance :-).

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