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Update 12/9/2020

Chance to catch up, yet another busy week on the water with WMBC. Plenty of boats hitting the water and looking superb. We had another great turnout. In these unprecedented times more and more of our members getting back afloat. Plenty of postive feedback off our bubbles thankful for the opportunity to get afloat and appreciative of the huge effort that has gone into a safe return.

Guidance re covid-19 is evolving as we are sure you've heard in the media. Our team in constant contact with the authorities to ensure we are keeping our members safe and following the guidance. WMBC are extremelly proud of their record in obeying guidance and doing things right.

From Monday 14 September, when meeting friends and family you do not live with you must not meet in a group of more than 6, indoors or outdoors. Our existing 'boating bubble' system we had applied from the outset means we need to make no immiediate changes. Our approach proven to be the right one.

Our proactive stance means we are introducing a new system so we can immediatly inform our boating bubbles and all club members of the current situation, this as well as email, social media and messenger means we can get communication out even quicker. We are being proactive and keeping our members as safe as possible.

So we are introducing a new system, a traffic light system, red, amber, green. These traffic lights are displayed on the front page of our website: www.worcestermodelboatclub.com. (top right corner)

Green light = Ok, we are go for sailing

Amber light = Keep regularly checking for updates, changes to the bubble system are likely.

Red light= Sailing is immediatly stopped. (no sailing once we display red).

Right now due to the current local situation we are at amber level. If you check the website you will see an amber light shown on the picture in the top corner of the webpage.

We will, if and when any changes are necessary, update the bubble spokesperson, email the bubble members, post on social media, messenger chat goups , forum and update the website accordingly. Traffic lights add another quick check and demonstrate we are being proactive not reactive.

Traffic lights apply to ALL venues, ALL locations and ALL members, No exceptions. Can we remind ALL bubble members 2m (two meter) social distancing MUST be applied at all times when sailing.

Please keep a regular check on the website, social media, club forum and messenger for updates.

Keep safe everyone.....


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