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Turned out Nice again

Sunday morning greeted team WMBC with a pea soup fog in the air, Whilst enjoying a hearty breakfast this thankfully began to lift. Usual frivolity over the breakfast table, opportunity for a good catch up and gossip.

Fantastic to see so many members turn up, even with the fog, their efforts were soon rewarded as a gorgeous bright blue sky and sunshine soon appeared over the Cob House. No better place to be. good friends, good boating in a stunning location.

The sunshine brought out the crowds and the site was busy with people enjoying the weather, also meant a longer than expected sailing opportunity, relished by the WMBC crew.

Such a variety of boats on the pond today, kept yours truly busy with the camera. Think we had just about every type of vessel on the water, from IOM yachts to a DUKW, F1's, warships, classic cruisers through to what has to be one of the largest RC boats anywhere, we had it all. The variety and quality of vessels would be hard to beat.

The all be it lifting pea soup fog didn't slow team WMBC down, although there was a delay in the car-park, a few inter club deals going on. Then much frivolity and head scratching.

Now when the item (left picture) appears out of a vehicle and your told "this is how I move my new boat", you know something BIG is on the horizon. The device is used mainly to carry kayaks, maybe a clue. This plus a trolley full of very large 12v batteries, excitement was building.

Soon the team were poolside where already Roy had launched his F1 and was having fine fun. Team Johnson were soon enjoying the pool, every week they bring something new, talk about enthusiasm!

Alex had his scratch built RNLI rib project which has been a pain from day one, today it continued being a pain managing 2 mins before breaking down! Thankfully Andy's stunning fishing trawler was on hand for a rescue.

Two new members joined us again this week, and brought out some lovely boats! Both sailing true classics, Mike a crash tender and police launch, and Steve his classic Huntsman. All three looked fantastic in the Worcestershire sunshine, and these guys really enjoying their time at WMBC. We welcome you to the team.

The IOM yachters despite very little wind did manage a sail, and the odd whisper of wind meant they kept moving, all be it slowly! Mike's lifeboat made a re-appearance after its previous issues, sporting new motors the difference was notable, and it sailed so much better.

Colin brought along his lovely tug and dingy, detail overload on such small models, Especially when you see Colin's tug along side the monster. The vessel needing the trolley arrived poolside it being one 84" yes you read right 84" traditional tug! Colin's dingy was the same size as the lifeboats on this Goliath!

Ash one very proud owner of this monster, got it in the pool and with the batteries in set sail, what a stunning vessel afloat, and such presence in the water! We managed to get Colin's tug alongside for a photo (see below) Colin did manage to push the giant sideways acting more as a bow thruster, but very impressive!

We have added a video of the monster tug to the Worcester model boat club YouTube channel, worth a look, and please subscribe to keep updated:

In all a fantastic day's sailing, with a fantastic bunch of people, I didn't get home until 3.30, not bad when I arrived at 9am, 6 hours boating, now that's a good day!

Just a reminder that the closing date for show entry is the end of Feb, thanks to all those who have got in contact. If you still wish to attend and haven't yet responded be quick as space maybe limited at some events. We need to let the organisers know what passes / space we require, so please be quick. On this there is another possible event upcoming in May 2019, so keep a check on the website for more details.

Just remains for me to say happy sailing!

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