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Nothing beats the peace and serenity of a Morning at Cob House with WMBC, what a stunning venue with a great bunch of guys and gals.

Sunday we had an excellent turnout of both members and boats, again a number of new arrivals gracing the pool.

An uneventful morning with lots of boats on the pool of all different shapes and sizes, the afternoon was a different tale as we had our very own Titanic moment. Our new member 'Windy' decided to emulate the great vessel, during a very high speed run of his F1 cat,it sank. Just the canopy of the boat left floating.

Immediately team WMBC sprang into action and our rescue dinghy launched. We haven't lost a boat yet, this wasn't going to be the first. Various rescue tools were quickly fabricated, and soon a full scale sweep of the pond was underway. Everyone got involved in true WMBC fashion. After a thorough search the F1 was successfully recovered. Sadly, no big raise the titanic movie moment, but no real damage just a bit damp.

We had a few maidens this week, Steve had his newly scratch built speed boat on the water and on sea trials, lovely boat, lovely lines and it performed really well, amazing for a scratch build from your head, Well done Steve! and in such a short space of time! Phil's Trawler 'Highlander' was out after its full winter refit, bought as a project Phil should be very proud, looks good! Alex brought along 'Frigg' a wooden yacht based on a Cornish Oyster catcher, looking resplendent on the water, was soon claimed by Dr Brian for a visit to the yacht dry dock for some tweaks.

We also welcomed potential new members for a look round, both very keen to sign up and join, Welcome to team WMBC!

Remember to check into the WMBC gallery as every week every picture taken gets uploaded to the gallery, this week also a short video of Steve's speedboat, worth a look:

The management team at WMBC are like swans, graceful above the water, paddling like heck underneath! Sooooo watch out for some VERY BIG news in the coming weeks, as Shaw Tailor used to say (showing my age) "keep 'em peeled", this is news you will want to read........

Happy Boating...

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