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That was fun!

What a difference a week makes, last week still as a mill pond, today we had waves! Following our excellent breakfast, team WMBC was itching to go and play. Excellent turnout and more new vessels at WMBC, including another IOM.

Roy teased us with a picture of his new vessel, and it looks fantastic, the stand is also a thing of beauty, well done Roy, we look forward to seeing the reality. The yachting bug is really biting, keep saying it but a pond full of sails seems to be an ongoing theme.

Another first today for WMBC our first 100% 3d printed vessel hit the pool and performed admirably, even down to its custom jet drive, which again worked perfectly. Further projects are on the horizon, so watch this space.

There was a decent wind today, and it kept everyone, even the pro's on their toes and was at times pushing the limits. But all good fun! We welcomed more new members Alan and Keith along for their inaugural sail today. Alan another keen yachter was relishing the conditions and Keith with his lovely tug was soon enjoying all WMBC has to offer.

Team Johnson were as ever full of smiles enjoying their time afloat, and again this week yet another new boat! Ron was on the sticks of his new IOM under the guidance of Brian.

We also welcomed another potential member for a look round and see what they thought of WMBC, very impressed and soon signed up. Mike's stunning brushless crash tender performed as superbly as it looks, we warmly welcome Mike to team WMBC.

Plenty going on at WMBC, plenty to look forward too. Hopefully some big news on the horizon, certainly not sitting still.

Happy Boating.

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