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Well it’s 9am on Monday, sitting here reflecting on the weekend.

What an absolutely amazing weekend for Worcester Model Boat Club! You guys and gals never cease to amaze me at your enthusiasm and commitment you did yourselves, WMBC the event and the hobby very proud.

In only our second year it was an honour for us to even be invited to such a prestigious event, some people thought we were not ready, some people thought it was to much for a club in its infancy.

Well you got that wrong!

I am proud, and honoured to let you all know, we infact came 4th overall at the International Model Boat Show 2018 in our first (proper) show appearance! now if that isn't an achievement I don't know what is! We lost out on 3rd place by one point.

We never set out to win, even score, It was about going and taking part and showcasing 'OUR' club!. WMBC is every members club, you make it what it is, you should all be very very proud of what we as a club achieved. Forth at the show with over 30 clubs taking part, 4th in the country (as clubs from across the country were there), most long long established. It's an amazing achievement.

The cross section, variety and quality of boats on our stand was unequalled at the event. We had so many visitors, so much positive feedback, so much interest in the club we have done ourselves and our hobby the power of good.

Apologies for not feeding back earlier, I got home last night and flaked out. I look back today with a huge smile, so many fantastic memories we will all cherish.

I personally thank you all for making it what it was, a huge success. From setting up, maintaining, dismantling the stand and chatting to the public you were all outstanding!

If anyone didn't know who WMBC was before this weekend they do now!.

A few big thank you's, To the team at Warwick Event Centre and Meridienne Exhibitions for all their help and support. To David Carpenter who without hesitation despite my crazy (at times) requests for the stand, got on with it, I'm sure my name has been mud a few times, but Dave thank you! to Dave David Carpenter, Andy Prosser, Ash Duggan and Barrie Rider for being the best event team their ever could be. Thank you all.

So here's to next year (2019) and already plans are being bounced around as to what we do. You guys scare me at times, but I love it.

My tenure as chairman ends in a few weeks time, to say I go out on a high is a total understatement.

Thank you all.


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