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Testing Sunday

Testing for all the RIGHT reasons! A flotilla of new boats arriving at Cob House Country Park Sunday! Plus a late arrival, who decided to take a mega detour arriving at mid-day when they planned to arrive at 10am! One problem relying on technology, when you forget the power lead to your new sat nav 'WOOPS' Colin introduced them to a crazy new invention, a paper map! All in good spirits and plenty of laughter.

Main new arrivals were Alex's Una rigged Marblehead yacht, which had just come back from a full refit, and did it ever shift!!! a Victoria yacht which had been condemned had again been rescued and now been enlisted into the WMBC club fleet. Plus a wild new airboat, which has a bucket load of potential from Chris. Tony brought along his Thames barge which is nearing sailing time, HUGE thanks to Brian for all his yachting efforts.

Great turnout of boats and an amazing tank from Andy provided and eventful morning plenty going on in WMBC land.

Happy Boating

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