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Teamwork makes the Dream work

Training day this week, they asked the Boss man (you know him), 'what makes this business run so well?' he replied: "Teamwork, Teamwork makes the Dream Work". Well that was soon getting borrowed!

'Buoyant' Sums up perfectly the atmosphere at WMBC. More and more boats hitting the water, more being bought, built, rebuilt, adjusted, or just in dry dock for the winter. Some wonderful vessels coming our way very soon, lots of plans in the pipeline. The quality of the WMBC fleet unrivaled and only getting better.

The 2020 events calendar is coming together really nicely and teamHamster are currently adding the details ready for release via the website. Our new website is currently undergoing server tests to check it runs nicely , Hamster reports nearly ready to go live.

Poolside all venues report a good turnout this weekend, all enjoying some great boating. Our roving reporter managed to visit both venues Sunday morning! shame he didn't take any photo's, teamwork may make the dream work, but helps if some of the team learns to use a camera :-)

Happy Boating

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