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Super Sunday

Just your typical WMBC Sunday, scantily clad ladies, a beaching and stunning boats everywhere! Double take did it say 'scantily clad ladies?'

Yes! they were attached to model boats, but great to see something very different, and it certainly raised an eyebrow and a smile or three. Brian kicked it off with his sun burnt lady on a surfboard, she shot off round the pool showing us her "skills". Alex followed this theme with his T47 Sealine which also has a few passengers enjoying the sunshine.

Phil has been busy in his shed for the past few months, tempting us with pictures of his WW2 landing craft build. The reality was excellent, fully working landing craft complete with fully RC tank! again something different. This was the maiden voyage and the landing craft and tank, it performed exactly as it should, well done Phil! We hopefully captured it on film for prosperity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1LsZrAq3_g

Brian was kept busy coaching the yachters and making adjustments to the rag and stick brigades vessels. Progress is being made but that's down to our excellent tutor.

Tony and Shirley sailed their superb yacht, which really is a joy to see afloat, it sails so nicely, so smoothly. Not only does it look superb, the detail is outstanding! We are so very fortunate to have this fine vessel in the WMBC fleet.

Plenty else hit the pool, fast, slow, scale, and even a huge RC hovercraft!

Happy sailing


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