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Sunday Sail

March bought a damp and dreary Sunday Morning, such a difference from last week. But the hearty gang at WMBC were still out sailing. Started off dull and overcast, luckily the showers passed as the team ate breakfast. Soon team WMBC were poolside. Highlights, Brian's stunning Chris Craft runabout which sailed nicely, nice to see Brian running a boat with a motor we recorded the occasion on video (see below). Alex was on rescue duty with his competition towing tug 'Willy Shiftit' complete with drive train upgrades, very impressive to see a tug sail sideways up the pool! Roy kept the sailing team happy sailing his Affinity, he soon had some decent wind. In all a great morning.

Sarah reports another busy week with new members, another four joining us! We welcome you all to team WMBC and look forward to many happy hours boating.

Happy Sailing.

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