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'Stonkin' Sunday

Glorious weather welcomed team WMBC ever keen to get afloat on a Sunday Morning! Excellent turnout of members and boats.

We welcomed one of our new members for their first visit to Cob on Sunday, and their words kind of sum up all that WMBC is all about. " Heck what a stunning venue, so tranquil, peaceful and beautiful, you have it all here and the breakfast was 'Stonkin', what a fabulous atmosphere and everyone getting on, so different to other clubs I have visited. Wish I hadn't waited this long". Their words not mine.

It was a gorgeous morning that rolled into a better afternoon with members keen to relish their time poolside, many not leaving until 3pm! One of those days where you could not have been anywhere better.

Yet more new arrivals poolside, notable today Phil's DUKW that gave us a brilliant demo both on and off the water! Brian had his new Yacht out for its inaugural sail, something different and at the hands of the master we all await its return with excitement. Dave brought along 'Peanut' and 'Bantam' both micro tugs which looked and performed brilliantly. New member Chris brought along his crash tender which he had rescued from scrap, did it ever perform well, hopefully next time he remembers some charged batteries :-) Always something new at WMBC.

In all an excellent days sailing with plenty of boats hitting the pool and plenty of help and advice and smiles from all present, and a great turnout of visitors. Alex even at one point got his transmitter to float! (unplanned) thankfully it didn't sink and has survived.

Also this week the committee have secured a 10% discount for all WMBC members at the new local RC shop, Pit-stop RC: Just show your membership badge and Chris (the owner) will do the rest. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Pit-stop RC and thank owner Chris for his generous discount. He has promised to join us sailing and we look forward to welcoming him.

Final note, long serving WMBC members will recall our 2,500 new members of the 'carp' variety introduced by the team at Cob House to keep our pond healthy. Well due to the sunshine Sunday they were basking in the sun. They have been busy! are they ever a size now, considering the fry that went in!

Happy Boating

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