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Stonkin Sunday!

What a day! I possibly say this every Sunday? but today was one of the best. A fantastic turnout of members and a huge array of stunning boats on the water. Plenty of laughter, smiles and a great sense of being involved in something very special, everyone mucking in and helping everyone else, what WMBC is all about.

The promised new boats arrived, and what can I say? definitely the biggest boat to grace Cob hit the water and possibly the smallest and just about everything else in between.

We seem to be getting quite a following of yachters at WMBC. Sailing Guru Brian was kept busy fettling yachts, some vast improvement seen, so Brian thanks for your efforts. I'm told more in the pipeline, so new yachters on the horizon. A decent breeze provided excellent conditions for sailing today.

It's impossible not to leave someone out as we had a huge cross section of boats out today. I will give some highlights.

Notably today, Andy sailed his 'Tot' tug which was about 4" long, unlike most of Andy's boat this was steady, but a really nice addition to the team fleet.

Ash turned up in usual Ash style. I had a tip off something special was coming, little did I expect the monster 61" American Pusher tug that arrived. Ash had literally collected the boat today and came straight to the pool. After a visit to the WMBC pit crew and the addition of three engineering bricks. It required a launch crew that totalled four to hit the pond, And what a vessel 4 x 800 motors, kort nozzles, what a boat! enough room for the 'tot' to sail round inside. Absolutely superb!

Roy with his F1 and Alex with his race catamaran, tore up the pond with some high speed antics, which resulted in some very high speed runs which always draw a crowd.

We had a complete cross section of boats from highly scaled, to sails, to sheer size and everything in between. The guys and gals of WMBC never cease to impress.

What a fantastic day! Happy sailing..........

P.S. WMBC now have club stickers, these are round, in varying sizes and self adhesive and waterproof. Catch Sarah or Alex poolside and claim one or even two. They really do look superb.

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