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Sail Sunday

There seems to be an ongoing topic here, 'sails', team WMBC have really embraced the sailing bug, now numerous members are either looking to join the sailing gang or get a better vessel. Great to see a team dynamic and everyone keen with advise and experience to get everyone enjoying another aspect of the hobby.

Brian who in no small part has been instrumental in the development at sailing bought along his IOM which not only looked stunning but sailed wonderfully. Think most of the assembled membership had a sail and all were mightily impressed. A few more tweeks needed, but in all a lovely vessel and a further addition to the WMBC fleet.

Alex was testing a new brushless setup early on to check temps and performance, In the large scale and absolutely stunning Veron Huntsman it performed perfectly. Otherwise we had a large mix of motor boats and sailing boats all enjoying the water today. Notible was team Johnson's new arrival which looked like 'Stingray' off the 60s TV show, and did it ever shoot around the pond, great fun!

Roy another of our resident real yachters soon got hold of the IOM sticks and was suitably impressed, I have in mind that another IOM maybe joining the WMBC fleet very soon. Martin also brought along a couple of yachts which all sailed wonderfully, we had a decent breeze and some high speed runs and manoeuvres were achieved.

Apologies for the lack of pictures, note to self, charge camera batteries !

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