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We could just go silent, pull up the drawbridge and ride out the storm? but we all know that is not how WMBC do things!

Our social media, chat groups, forum etc are busier than ever, WMBC and its team determined to keep in contact and keep its members active and plan for a very bright future!

So whats going on? You would think not a lot! Not in reality, never have more builds and projects been underway! and an amazing flotilla of boats are heading out way. Some outstanding builds and lifelong projects finally getting some time. Time out has also meant the build for the 2020 International Model Boat Show has been started with vengeance, the passion, drive and enthusiasm of our team unrivaled. OK our plans for 2020 events maybe put on hold, but a return to boating special event is defiantly on the cards. We plan to make it something extra special.

The whole WMBC family are looking out for one another, helping one another, helping our communities. Such an amazing effort. I'm always proud of the WMBC team but in these times I am more proud than ever at what we can achieve both on and off the pond.

We are hosting regular quiz events, and the buzz around the whole club is very much alive and kicking.

We are constantly monitoring the situation, rest assured once restrictions are lifted we will be back sailing. We will keep you informed...

So positive thoughts to one and all, Please keep safe, keep smiling.......

P.S. Pictures from a better time :-)

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