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Playing Catch Up

With the Hamster AWOL guess who forgot to post up the Bournville report? you got it, ME! apologies, hence I'm now playing catch up and doing this weeks report before 'work' catches up with me.

Plenty going on plus some cracking boating!

Sunday was a lovely Autumn morning, where better to be on a Sunday morning than at Cob House, in the glorious Worcestershire Countryside. Members enjoyed the now standard breakfast and catch up at the cafe. In the car park numerous vessels were changing owners, great to see even more new vessels arriving into the club. Some new members gaining their first boats, advise and help everywhere, a real buzz in the air and a very positive feeling.

The usual on site maintenance, repair and upgrade group were kept very busy with some lovely projects that are taking shape in many of our members workshops. Our fleet keeps growing and improving the skills of some of members, outstanding!

WMBC warmly welcomed some of its younger members along Sunday, and they had fine fun! Fantastic to see and I know someone would of been very proud. We had loads of boats in the water, we had Shrek on a go slow on an airboat, a gathering of lifeboats, club 500's on practice, fishing boats, cruisers, warships, tugs you name it we had it! Unfortunately what we did not have was someone taking pictures! No excuses (honestly) just some new potential members came along to 'check us out'. After a tour and answering any questions my day was done. Excellent result by the time I had got home all three had asked to join team WMBC! Comments I received via email 'extremely warm welcome from everyone, everyone made me so welcome', 'what an outstanding venue and facilities'.

On membership a very warm welcome to all those new members who have joined us in the last few weeks. We welcome you all into the WMBC family, we hope you enjoy your time with WMBC.

Membership has hit a record high, and continues to grow week on week, No propaganda, no advertising just word of mouth. A real proven success. Colin summed it up brilliantly when he commented ' regardless of the number of members, nothing has changed, still the same atmosphere and passion and friendly welcoming club' We should ALL be very proud of OUR club.

Finally some public thanks here to Roger, who is working on a little project that will benefit the entire club, Roger thank you for all your time and effort. Looking amazing!!

Onward and upward

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