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Onwards and Upwards

Sunday brought the Worcester Model Boat Club AGM. Firstly, can I say what an excellent turnout from team WMBC, and thanks to all those that attended.

Great to see so many members interested in their club and what’s gone on and also what's planned moving forward. Very exciting times at WMBC.

2018 has been another amazing year for WMBC this was summarised in terms of finance and membership in detail, and everything looks very healthy.

Our event team referenced our 2018 events calendar commenting on our event in June, plus other events. Finally celebrating our amazing achievements at the International Model Boat Show 2018. Plans for Warwick 2019 discussed, and I can say watch this space!

The event team then went through the plans for 2019, and there were a few surprises. The team have been working hard, very hard, behind the scenes. Securing attendance at some very impressive events, these were announced to unanimous enthusiasm and commitment, these events are now on our 2019 calendar (website). A further event is hopefully to be added once 100% confirmed, so again, watch this space!

The constitution of WMBC stated that officers (committee) had to stand down after two years, to allow others to take over the running of the club day to day. Both Alex and Tony have worked tirelessly for the club since its original inception, We thank both Alex and Tony for their commitment and enthusiasm to Worcester Model Boat Club. It was for many a sad day that these two had to resign. Sadness was soon replaced by euphoria, as unanimously and to rapturous applause Alex and Tony were re-elected.

A fifth committee member was needed and with events becoming a major part of WMBC the committee felt a dedicated events coordinator would be a great addition. The position was advertised to all existing members. Fortunately, we had a willing applicant, Ash Duggan one of our younger members was keen to take on the role and was again unanimously elected. Ash is extremely passionate about his hobby and it is a great asset to WMBC, to have someone in their 20’s in a key position, can only strengthen the club.

Proposals for 2019 were discussed, mainly the upgrade and improvements to our existing launching platform. Although the existing facilities are perfectly good and perfectly suitable, they could be improved. Especially as we are growing in numbers, an expanded and improved platform was suggested, including plans for a bespoke launching mechanism and much anticipated harbour. Again unanimous vote for the proposal and our site team will be on site (hopefully this week) getting plans in place for the improvements.

The membership secretary was then swamped by members keen to secure their 2019 membership, Sarah was only too pleased to take their money. On this if you didn't manage to attend or did not manage to pay, but still want to be a member of Worcester Model Boat Club please do so ASAP, as capping the membership was discussed. If you are unable to attend Xmas Breakfast next Sunday (yes dont forget Xmas breakfast 16th) where Sarah will be on hand to pay any subs, snail mail maybe your best option. If that’s your plan can you let Sarah know by email at '’ so she can send you details on how to pay. We will assume if we haven't heard off you or received payment by the end of December 2018 that you no longer wish to be a member.

In summary an excellent meeting, summing up an amazing year. WMBC has grown from strength to strength in the past two years, far exceeding any expectations, this shows no signs of slowing down or changing. We are establishing ourselves as one of the top clubs in the UK thanks to our amazing venue and outstanding and enthusiastic membership.

Can I take this opportunity on behalf of the committee to thank everyone who has helped and supported WMBC in the past twelve months.

Compliments of the season to one and all.


The committee would also like to thank Shaun for all his efforts with the website and social media. Your hard work has got us some serious recognition, 10,000 hits in 5 months in no small achievement! Keep up the excellent work.

The Committee

Worcester Model Boat Club

Our Chairmans model 'Orca' in Model Boats Magazine 2018 at the International Model Boat Show! Well done Alex!!!

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