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On a high

Team WMBC are absolutely buzzing following their huge success at the International Model Boat Show. Talk of plans for 2019 coming from all directions! Some brilliant ideas, very exciting. Plenty going on at WMBC!

Sunday the remainder of the Warwick flotilla were returned to their owners, glad to report zero casualties. A huge thanks to the event team who did a sterling job throughout the event, you guys made a big job simple and thanks for your care and attention.

A lovely autumn day greeted team WMBC and what a turnout of members, the pond was buzzing, so was the atmosphere.

There were plenty of boats to meet everyone's taste today. Plenty of new arrivals as well, it's a job to keep up. The yachting team were out in real force, enjoying the decent breeze, we had 15 yachts at one point, they all looked absolutely stunning in the Autumn sunshine. Dean has taken the yacht bug as has Martin, nice to see WMBC embracing sailing and getting really into something new, everyone helping everyone else out, what WMBC is all about.

The motor boats were mixing in with the sailing team, a couple of really quick F1 tunnel hulls were soon running at speed all mixing in yet being sensible, common sense prevailing, and NO issues. Everyone having fun and enjoying their time afloat.

Ash launched his huge and heavy 'Yamoto' battle cruiser, which is highly detailed, and did it ever look the part on the water, real treat for everyone. He then launched his new pusher tug which he has big plans for. Sarah launched her newly acquired fishing vessel which is a real eye catcher, we are looking forward to the crabs appearing now Sarah. Team Johnson still buzzing after Warwick were enjoying themselves, and have also become rag and stick sailors. It's fantastic to see the variety of vessels at the pool.

To cap the day off we had three more individuals interested in joining team WMBC hearing about our exploits at Warwick, coming up to see what it's all about. Blown away at the location and the enthusiasm and attitude of our members.

Serious stuff...

First off Sunday 2nd December 2018 there is a large Cycle event at Cob House, where the site forms part of the course, the fishery is closed, but the cafe open! I have confirmed we are still able to go sailing! Rest assured we at WMBC can use the pond.

Please be aware that during the race times, we cannot cross any of the circuit and MUST await a Marshall to accompany us between races. I will post all the event details on a separate posting before the event.

More importantly due to the weather, we now have to use the main car park again, so please DO NOT park at the top (right by the pool, by the tree's) again until we are given the all clear! Please respect these wishes they are for the benefit of all, THIS COMES INTO IMMEDIATE EFFECT!!!


It's that time of year, Membership Renewals time, time to cough up and rejoin WMBC, hopefully most of our current members will do just that.

Also means its AGM time. So all current members will soon get an email with details, so keep an eye open, know a lot of you are keen to get paid up!

We're also planning Xmas breakfast / brunch so details of this will also be included.

2018 has been a fabulous year for WMBC and we grow from strength to strength. Icing on this years cake, 4th at the International Model Boat Show. I for one look forward to 2019 with great enthusiasm and hopeful for more of the same!

Keep up the good work guys and gals


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