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Now that's an Xmas Present!

Page 3 may have its girls, WMBC has page 69.

Model Boats Magazine, January Issue, page 69 our very own chairman Alex makes a grand appearance, Not topless (thank goodness)

Looks to be a fantastic write up with WMBC getting plenty of coverage and photo's. Fantastic that our amazing achievements at the 2019 International Model Boat Show are being recognized and shown to a global audience. Subscribers have received their copies, but it soon hits the news stands so really looking forward to that.

The coverage has already made a difference and Sarah reports a flurry of fresh membership enquirers already!

Alex has not let this fame and stardom go to his head. BIG thanks to Colin Baylis for the big scoop. Alex has asked any statements, photographs our autographs go via his newly appointed press secretary ( and yes that is a joke).

Otherwise a good Sunday sailing, we had reports in numerous venues were busy, Jane kept the photo'c coming where the Redditch sailors had some very decent wind to play in. Alan was reunited with his radio and Gregg had finally stopped bleeping! Chris had his bargain power boat out flying round and Mike, well Mike was just enjoying some quality boating.

Time for the back room staff at WMBC to wish all our friends, members, viewers, bloggers, Instagram followers, twitter twitters and YouTube subscribers a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2020.

We hope you have enjoyed our efforts in 2019, We will endeavor to do better still in 2020.

Final note. The committee will be in contact with all members regarding the arrangement for the AGM and a summary of 2019 and maybe a taster of 2020. Event diary 2020 is looking amazing and huge thanks to Alex, Dave and Ash who have been working really hard securing WMBC's attendance at some amazing events!

Compliments of the season from the Hamster and the backroom team at WMBC!


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