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The real buzz around WMBC is really positive, even considering all that is going on in the world. Our respective workshops and spaces have never been so busy. The flotilla of new arrivals growing by the day. Amazing models, showcasing the true skill and enthusiasm of WMBC and its members.

I just want to personally say huge congratulations and thanks to everyone of our WMBC family (members) for pulling together and helping everyone through these difficult times. In all reality club wise we have never been so busy, quiz and chats to organise, and get this, we ever are still recruiting new members even in a lockdown! Just shows the power and sheer brilliance of WMBC.

We as a club have achieved so much and become an unprecedented success, but our biggest success to date is how we are all pulling together at this time. I am so so proud of all of you.

Keep it up and one day we will be back poolside. Heaven knows how many new boats will be arriving, but I know most of us cannot wait. Our plans, our drive, our passion and enthusiasm stronger than ever. Well done team WMBC!

On other business, pile of boats added to the for sale page. So well worth checking out.


Please all our members, friends and family keep safe, keep well and keep smiling.

Pics of some of our newest arrivals.

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