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Living the dream!

There are days in life you never forget, today being one for me!

Hard to find words that express what an absolutely amazing day for Worcester Model Boat Club today has been. We have had literally hundreds, possibly thousands of visitors to our stand today! Watching the boats having fine fun on the water and also admiring the outstanding display of boats, so very many positive comments.

We managed 108 today, filling five gazebo's!! What an absolutely amazing achievement! Everyone we spoke to so so so enthusiastic about our attendance, asking us about exhibits and plenty of visitors getting their hands on the controls of boats. We certainly kept the water busy! and relished every single second.

We had front row seats on the start line of the hill climb and have seen and heard some absolutely outstanding vehicles.

The WMBC team were on top form today! every helpful, enthusiastic and passionate about their hobby. I cannot compliment all those members attending today on their commitment and positively, You are one amazing group of people and I sit here today, one very very proud chairman! We came to the biggest most prestigious event in Worcestershire and did ourselves very very very proud. Tomorrow, things can only get better.

Day 1, a huge success, We had over 40 boats on the pool, numerous people interesting in joining team WMBC. We got numerous youngsters (and not so youngsters) on the controls of some boats. And the biggy, an invitation to another HUGE event for 2020, a week long show! We certainly created quite an impression. The organisers very keen to set something up, so watch this space. Lets just tease by saying its an event 'everyone' will of heard off. Our events getting recognized far and wide and very highly regarded.

We also met a real life celebrity! who was only to happy to pose for snaps! We will have hundreds to upload!

We can also announce something massive for WMBC in 2019, We have had our participation in the 2019 International Model Boat Show confirmed, that's not big news your saying. Your right, but out allocation of a 20ft x 8ft stand in the MAIN HALL (Top Hall) confirmed, so we go from the lower hall to the top hall, that would be big enough news, and on only our second visit. Then the BIG NEWS, not only have we been privileged to move up to the top hall, we have also been allocated what most would call the 'TOP SPOT' the first stand as you walk through the front doors to the International Model Boat Show in 2019 is WMBC! What an absolute honor!!!!

WMBC relish the opportunity to do this honor the justice it deserves. Wheels are in motion and the entire WMBC family enthusiastic and passionate as ever.

These events are amazing for teamWMBC bringing everyone even closer together. The family atmosphere, inclusion of everyone was so very evident today and every time WMBC get together.

Day 1 Chateau Impney Hill Climb, amazing, Day 2............................. can't wait!!

Thank you once again to the entire WMBC team for today, lets do it even better tomorrow (if that's even possible). Also huge thanks to the entire team at Chateau Impney who have made us so very very welcome! What an event!!!

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