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Kicking it off in true WMBC style!

Any eagle eyed WMBC fans will of spotted last weekend WMBC were on display at the Model Show at Weston Park. One of our many new events for the 2019 season. What a resounding success!! Superb display from #teamWMBC resulting in our invitation to the 2020 event! Yes already!!!

Superb array on boats on display and lots of members taking part in what was a great event. Lots of interest in us and what we are all about. So even more members on the horizon. A superb event and great to add another model event to the WMBC calendar, and some great sailing too. WMBC would like to thank all those who took part in putting on such a great display and doing themselves and their club very proud. Big thanks to Tracy Carpenter for the pictures and video!


Focus now moves to the WMBC Open Day on 23rd June at Cob House, where it's looking like we will be braking all records. YES gazebo's are on standby. Boats to be on display by 9.30am! (don't forget) sailing and display all day! forecast looks good. We have a number of potential new members paying us a visit and a couple of VIP guests, so lets do ourselves proud.

We are very excited to welcome the team from Worcester Model Club who will be joining us for the event. http://worcester-model-club.co.uk/ Can't wait to see what they bring along. Both clubs have a common interest and goals, we hope to strengthen this bond moving forward.

Looking forward to another outstanding WMBC event this weekend, Completely free event, and sample all Cob House has to offer!! All in stunning surroundings!! whats not to love!!


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