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Keeping Busy

Already 2019 is taking shape, plenty going on. Sunday was no exception, OK It's winter lots of projects and builds taking shape behind the scenes, ready for the new season, some very interesting and different builds.

Us boaters being a hardy bunch, still enjoying the camaraderie and sailing no matter the weather. Sunday was no exception, in fact it was busy, especially for some people!

Conditions were near perfect, the pond absolutely still, not a ripple in site, distinct lack of a decent blow, but that didn't stop the rag and stick brigade.

We had a good display of boats out, ranging from yachts to destroyers and everything in between, even an air boat which thanks to Andy gave the sailors a fighting chance. Team Johnson were back poolside with their infectious enthusiasm for the hobby plus ever growing boat collection. Alex, Ron and Brian were out with their respective sail boats, still learning the ropes. The pond was soon rippling nicely!

We had four prospective new members arrive yesterday (not expected), two off the back of our Warwick visit other two due to other clubs giving them a very poor experience. Thankfully they found WMBC and all were most impressed by our attitude and atmosphere, blown away by our facilities. All four signed up, plus another two we knew were itching to join, so Six new members in one day! We Welcome you all to the WMBC family, we hope you enjoy and have fun.

Members can expect an email this week regarding the upcoming events as the events team have been busy sorting details and we need numbers etc, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Also thanks to all you guys who have sent in pictures you have taken over the festivities and holiday period, these will be added to he club gallery asap, keep sending them in please, we know you love seeing your boats online.

Happy Boating


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