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It just keeps getting better and better!

Just when you thought it could get no better, it does. Huge thanks to the team at Chateau Impney who have now shared our attendance at the hill climb not only on their website but now on their hugely active social media streams. We are hitting a huge global audience!

So to those of you not on facebook, hit the link below and have a read superb write up on WMBC. Don't forget to also read the write up on the chateau website (previously linked)

It is going to be one amazing event![0]=68.ARDJ_pedzDIV9yQAc7lpj0xx7U5pjxa43UnV_8w_ou3zl3Q-UFQrXTAAmmu-bAiygBbOKa-vnajKguxSSgmkpsqvGy9z-6TU74_DvOLzWcJFhiGUBLAv4_rgeRsL2WmZm_M4jh9873p6sjt617Haf-TGNXR-9U7RI01UYuxXE35uV9G6QxmJKkualjhjBbGakCG6Vq6pUT0T7pGY3BNX4llrpYC-iYUN2Eapa0kxa18dLqn3lk7hMYxuZdXcW62-rOzeg2jjTUBNvTaLS5kAYMflnKqcvOI3NX288M5rdX8vA-Q6eSgHgYmnZhaCyF5Ikk-Fzhe6M6pD6rcY4LOEJVXi9gHrOBPKR2hKzB026P4jTW4S83oj1XEXXV5YY_YTV4isGYrwnvm1r5RGe4m4bMhfMFqxzo_-Kr9QFJ-_XUbJdsY

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