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Illuminating times on the Horizon

Saturday 28th September brings one of the best events of the model boating year, Bournville Radio Sailing and Model Boat Club's superb Illuminated regatta at Valley Parkway, Bournville, B30 1QS.

Worcester Model Boat Club Honored to have been once again invited by our great friends and fellow shipmates at Bournville, Who always make us really really welcome.

WMBC will be putting on a display and of course lots of sailing, the highlight to sail in the dark, festooned with lights! check the event pictures on the website, fantastic event.

We plan to land on site about 1-2pm setup, then play! event runs to about 8pm - 8.30pm (once its dark) Well worth the visit...

Otherwise in WMBC land, lots going on... The Club 500's have been appearing now built and ready to play, lots of great designs and paint jobs. Yes we've had a few test laps. Very impressive thus far, Squadron Leader Rider is certainly odds on favorite so far, 3s lipo made for some exciting viewing! and exciting work on the controls. Andy and Dean, Phil and Colin have also been out for a few shake down runs, and its looking like bucket loads of fun. More are being built as we type, looking forward to seeing them soon.

The batteries (so everyone has the same) for the club 500's are now available 2200mah 12v rechargeable packs, (The Standard motors seem to cope ok on 12v as demonstrated by Squadron leader Rider's lipo run and the provision test runs at Chateau Impney ). These batteries were donated to the club and all proceeds are going to Charity from their sale.

Useful size, useful capacity for any model, Catch one of the management team poolside and secure one or 2 or 10.

Hopefully for a dry Saturday and some good boating!

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