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Illuminating times

Things are moving on a pace at WMBC, lots of great sailing going on and lots of lovely boats hitting the water at Cob House.. Members relishing their time afloat and enjoying everything that WMBC is all about, Having fun!

Busy times ahead for the WMBC crew, with preparation for the International Model Boat show at Warwick in full swing, and Bournville Illuminated regatta now on the horizon.

Our Friends at Bournville RC yacht and model boat club have very kindly invited us to their fabulous annual illuminated regatta on the 22nd September 2018. I confess, last year was a fabulous event for WMBC and even with the damp conditions WMBC put on a great display and everyone enjoyed the event.

We will be in contact with all members shortly inviting all our members to attend the Bournville event, all welcome as usual. The event starts at 2pm goes on until about 8pm, high point of the event the illuminated parade of boats on the Bournville pond. Model Boats illuminated with lights and sailed, its quite a spectacle, Its well worth a visit.

Shaun has been on his Jolidays, but started sorting out the archived WMBC pictures, if you look on the club website he's added a section 'WMBC event pictures' where you will find pictures from our events, including some from Bournville's regatta last year. He's started here but has plenty to get his teeth into.

Happy Sailing!


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