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Icebergs to Port

Sunday brought some entertainment to the WMBC faithful, the pond at Cob half iced over. No challenge to the WMBC team who subsequently set about breaking up the remainder of the ice using RC power. We had J.F. Kennedy on ice breaking duties closely followed by a flotilla of club 500's and we had a race track in the ice, which provided great fun.

Dr yacht brought along the banana boat which has recently fallen into his hands care of Alex and was performing wonderfully considering the very slight wind. Barry brought along his superb torpedo boat which is almost ready for its maiden voyage, what an impressive vessel this will be.

We are now at penultimate blog posting on this WMBC website, the new site planned to go online early Feb 2020. Team Hamster hope the WMBC crew have enjoyed this version and look forward to the new one hitting the interweb, exciting times.

Happy Boating

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