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Hello 2019!

Team WMBC were back on form following the festivities, a great turnout and some really good sailing conditions suiting the rag and stick brigade, plus a lovely winters morning, what more could you ask for?

WMBC have been sailing throughout the festivities, but been more sailing than photo taking! Although we have been promised some pictures.

Very busy time for the WMBC crew building up to whats looking to be a very busy 2019, planning for events well in hand. We also hear of numerous new projects being constructed, so looking forward to seeing those in due course, as always plenty going on.

We also welcome a number of new members to team WMBC since the start of the new year. Thank you to you all for patiently waiting until the new year to sign up, BIG welcome to the WMBC family and we look forward to many happy hours sailing.

Sunday's sailing was excellent for the rag and stick sailors who relished a good wind and some excellent sailing, Brian was fortunately on hand for some much needed guidance. Have to confess we seem to be improving and the sailing bug has certainly bitten. We had plenty of powered craft too, Andy had his proboat on and running at full tilt and having fine fun. Mike brought along his newly upgraded Lifeboat which performed well until the ESC decided it didn't want to play, thanks to some skilful yacht handling a yacht recovery was performed. After a quick change Mike was soon back afloat this time without issue. In all an excellent morning. If you look closely you may spot a Minion or two :-)

Happy new year to everyone at WMBC and all our friends in model boating world, here's to an excellent 2019.

Happy Sailing

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