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Typical Sunday, excellent turnout of members and some stunning boats on and off the pond. With the added bonus of now being able to park poolside, directly beside our pond.

Every week something new appears poolside, this week, no exception! The enthusiasm of the guys and gals at WMBC never ceases to impress. The quality of the build and skill of our members hard to beat.

Andy had his Sportsman out, what a stunning boat, Andy has made an excellent job of the build and should be very pleased! Louisa has got herself a new boat, and we look forward to seeing that develop, watch this space. Mike had his stunning 'Gry Maritha' and what a stunning build, and a possible show contender.

We had plenty of powered vessels out there, Phil's bargain huntsman hitting the water, performed well and with a few tweaks be even better, Mike was out giving it some speed with his fast electrics, which always perform excellent.

Some new yachts hitting the pond as the sailing bug continues at WMBC, Alex was proudly sailing his new IOM which after a visit to Dr Brian was absolutely flying! Martin, Steve, Andy and Roy all sailed their respective Affinity yachts. We had 11 yachts out at one point, certainly a site to see.

Sail and power all mixing together everyone having fun, plenty of smiles and banter, everything WMBC is all about.

We also welcome Simon to team WMBC as another new member! welcome to team WMBC. Our numbers are continuing to grow, Sarah reports another three individuals expressing and interest in joining up. Mind when you have the best venue, and the best team anywhere why wouldn't you?

Happy sailing!

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