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Guess who forgot the camera?

No excuses yours truly forgot the camera Sunday morning, not going to blame the clocks altering, going to blame old age.

Sunday greeted team WMBC with a busy Cob House thanks to Mothers day and a large fishing match. After the now customary catch up over breakfast we welcomed Michael another new member to team WMBC, another keen sailor, welcome to team WMBC.

Poolside we had a great turnout of boats, Colin with his new yacht which looked resplendent, Dave W had his jet boat out zooming around, he was joined by Dean with another new addition. Alex sailed his Dusseldorf fire boat, which gave Ron a wash much to everyone's amusement! No point not using the fire monitors!

The now infamous bargain find made yet another return visit this time sporting a brand new brushless setup! did it ever shift and proved beyond any doubt it was certainly a straight runner, turns were 'interesting'. Team Johnson were on fine form and having fine fun with a large variety of vessels.

Star picture this week goes to Ron despite his previous wash his police boat managed a spectacular maneuver, captured on film.

Happy sailing

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