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Gotta love the Stats

Hamsters are tech geeky little creatures, love a stat and number. So thought I would share some amazing news! (Well it is for us hamsters in the back room).

Here in the back room of WMBC HQ we have systems running that analyses all the website and facebook activity. So we know its working, where its working, who is looking at us, dull for most, exciting for us, sad I know.

So unless you have been on another planet you may of heard we (WMBC) won the coveted First Prize at the prestigious 2019 International Model Boat Show. We posted the result on our website and these are the FACTS and figures for that website post and association facebook posts.

1). The Website post relating to the win reached an amazing: 64,567 people! You read right! This is across platforms, incredible response.

2). 8608 individuals went from our facebook posts (relating to the win) to look at our club website.

3). 1208 Likes on our facebook pages!

Incredible statistics most businesses would kill for! (trust me).

Proving why we are Simply The Best! The numbers don't lie!


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