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Good times at WMBC

Generous turnout of members enjoyed the sunshine at Cob house today. A distinct lack of wind being a major downside. The WMBC sailors were looking forward to a good sail and the marker buoys were ready to be applied. Sadly, no blow meant very little go!

Eventually we manage a brief sail but conditions were challenging, motion was rather slow to put it bluntly. All good fun and everyone took it in their stride.

Usual stunning display of boats provided by members, plenty of action both fast and slow. Roy had his F1 flying around, enjoying the near perfect conditions. Team Johnson had their superb array of boats on display as usual, Phil's PT boat sporting upgraded brushless power certainly impressed.

Fantastic to see Graham and Judy poolside and Graham was certainly relishing some much needed time poolside.

Andy brought along his latest addition to his fishing fleet, 'Our Lass II' which is a gorgeous example, Nice scale and nicely detailed, needing a few tweaks but will soon be adorning the pool.

Work is now well underway preparing for Warwick, the event team hard at it behind the scenes. We will hopefully have an update soon.

Happy Sailing.

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