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Fantastic Sunday with team WMBC at Cob House Country Park in the glorious Worcestershire countryside. Great turnout of members relishing all WMBC has to offer. The camaraderie between our members is fantastic to witness, everyone getting along, helping each other out and having a great time, enjoying the hobby and being part of something positive.

This comment from one of our new members sums up WMBC to me " What a fabulous Sunday morning of sailing,.... thanks to all for the great company and the chance to play with all sorts of impressive boats!"

This week some very pleasant new arrivals. Last year Martin came along with a very old clockwork boat in outstanding condition with absolutely stunning lines and most of team WMBC fell in love with it! Little did we expect over winter for Martin to Scratch build a large scale replica, fully RC, what a stunning boat. The skill of our members never cease to impress.

The pond was buzzing with all boats of all shapes and sizes and styles, Yachts a plenty, cruisers, speed boats, race boats, tugs you name it we had it! The pond was literally buzzing with members enjoying there time, plus visiting public who come along to see us most weeks.

Notable boats this week, Martins boat (as above), Phil's lovely trawler, Phil has made a great job restoring it to its former glory. Ron's IOM wonderfully festooned with characters and showing its support to the most worthy cause of 'Birmingham Children s Hospital'. Brian's Typhoon was back after a winter visit to Dr Bob's surgery, and what a sweet improvement, now sails as wonderfully as it looks! Every week its harder and harder to choose what to mention on the blog, so much going on poolside and on the water! I try to include everyone, but if i wrote about every boat, war and peace would be shorter!

In other news we have had yet another four individuals wanting to join up to WMBC, two of these being junior members.

Happy Boating :-)

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