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Every cloud and all that

With lockdown continuing, chance for WMBC to continue the epic building frenzy, even more models being produced of every shape and form. Some incredible boats, yachts, amphibious vehicles, you name it its under way. We are also 'amazingly' being undated by membership enquiries, even though we are not currently sailing! Must be doing something very right. We explain the current situation but people are keen to get involved in with WMBC, we welcome you all into the WMBC team.

We have shared success after succes as a club since our inception, but i beleive our biggest achievement to date isnt winning the 2019 International model boat show. No our biggest achievement how we have all pulled together through the current events. The true family values and feel of WMBC coming to the fore. I am really proud of how WMBC has supported both its members and the community.

There is still plenty going on, and we are all looking forward to setting sail again and doing what we do best.

Keep smiling and pop into the new WMBC chat room, plenty of chat, advise on tap.

Keep safe!

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