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You go away for 5 mins and look what happens!

First off I'm running late with the blog, mountain of work on my desk on my return.

Secondly, congratulations to the entire WMBC team on the win at the 2019 International Model Boat Show from all the back room crew, good job very well done.

The website / social media etc has been literally buzzing since the event. Numerous congratulations emails, questions about joining us and a number of requests to attend even more shows / events in 2020.

2019's effort amazing, and I can see by social media, forums etc we shook up the model boat world, doing something different, innovative, modern. Question I hear is whats next? answer, "its already planned, was planned before the team left Warwick 2019". This is the enthusiasm and passion we have at WMBC.

Back to normality, Pedro the pirate is off to the west end to star in a theatre production (seriously) the theatre company so impressed they asked the club to borrow Pedro for their pantomime season, WMBC were only to happy to oblige. All the kit for the shows / events is going into winter hibernation, pending the 2020 show / event season. A wish list of additional items planned for 2020.

Next on the agenda for team Hamster, complete the new WMBC website, new format etc that should be able to go live for 2020. The team are sorting out the new floating pontoon for Cob House. Alongside planning and sorting the event list for 2020, some amazing events on the horizon in 2020, new events, bigger events, watch this space.

Sunday we were joined by a 10k run at Cob so we provided some great entertainment for the families and spectators. We had a great turnout of members and already boats from Warwick are hitting the water, you lot don't mess about! Tony's search and rescue boat and Chris's fishing boat the ones that come to mind. Ash unleashed Behemolf with her new propeller collected at Warwick and wow, what a difference a prop can make! We had Club 500's and a very acrobatic speed boat all having fine fun. Smiling faces, happy days, good times, everything WMBC is all about.

We have a new slogan " Be the Best - WMBC "

hamster ;-)

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