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Coronavirus Update 5.11.2020

Team WMBC are back in port inline with the second national covid 19 lockdown as of 5.11.2020. Time to service, antifoul and BSS (boat safety scheme) the WMBC fleet. Time for the boatlift to get busy.

Our system 'Boating Bubbles' is now suspended, and our traffic light put to red, which means no boating until notified by the committee via email.

Our committee immediatly on publication of the new guidance acted, contacting our boating bubbles with an update. The guidance is here if you fancy some bedtime reading:

Can we publically thank the team at public health england and our local authorities who have been so supportive throughout these times and kept us updated and informed.

To those of you members who throughout these very difficult times supported WMBC and the boating bubbles system, we thankyou!! We got afloat and we stayed safe!!! We did it right and were recognised for being responsible and following the guidance. We now have to follow the guidance again to protect our members.

To all our members, once we are advised we can come back we will be back! We will contact our boating bubbles to re-establish boating once we are given the green light to resume. We will continue to keep updated as we have throughout.

Stay safe, keep safe and keep in touch, chatroom and forum are there for everyone, and the quiz will be restored asap.

Wish i could say happy boating....

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