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Sunday brought team WMBC together for another excellent days sailing at Cob House. Great turnout of members of all ages. Including yet another new member 'Windy Dumas'. Windy seems very keen on getting the colour scheme of his boat right, we look forward to seeing his efforts, and welcome Windy to team WMBC.

Plenty of boats on the pool of all types including a great variety of yachts.

New this week? Loads!! Andy had his newly acquired air boat out and that performed really well, Sarah was back poolside with her new Models By design lobster boat, Peter brought along his stunning Graupner Pegasus and even more stunning yacht! and It truly is a thing of beauty. Ash did it once again, with another HUGE new arrival a 1:16 scale RC Landing craft, what a beast! But it sailed perfectly and was nicely complimented when Alex drove his 1:16 RC tank on board (see the Worcester Model Boat Club YouTube channel - link below).

We had plenty of other vessels afloat, and would be here all day listing boats and owners, check out the pictures, there were plenty, from battleships to race boats, and everything in between. We had a flotilla of yachts adorning the pool, looking stunning.

We also welcomed Nick and his family with their stunning pond yacht to Cob house, they had a great sail, and seemed to enjoy their time. We look forward to the family joining up, and introducing a new generation to the joys of boating.

Credit today to Sarah for the pictures, and Dean for the video, cheers guys!

Happy Boating

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