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Chateau Magic

If we thought Saturday at Chateau Impney Hill Climb was amazing, Sunday was off the scale! If WMBC had any expectations these were smashed into the stratosphere! Hard to express or sum up this outstanding event in only words, you really did have to be there. Hundreds of cars many you would only see in a museum, the thrill, sound and smell of cars racing! WOW. The sheer buzz and atmosphere at this event electrifying. It's Impossible to summarize the event in reality something for everyone. The icing on the cake the extremely low level fly past of the mesmerizing WW2 Lancaster, the sound of four Merlin's passing just over your head, stirs the emotions.

We were as WMBC so so so privileged and fortunate to attend. It's Impossible to summarize the event in reality.

WMBC had an amazing location on the humongous site, not only riverside, but with a front row view of the start line of the Hill Climb. We had so much interest in the WMBC stand by Sunday evening the gorgeous green grass we arrived to on Friday was now worn away, the footfall through our stand, in the hundreds if not thousands.

So much interest and so many compliments! to quote " What a great exhibition at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb at the weekend. I really enjoyed looking at something very different from the cars for a change. I also enjoyed chatting to the owner of the Bluebird. Great job anyway, thank you" this one of many emails and Facebook messages we have already received. Think we can safely say we made an amazing impression and did WMBC, our hobby and the Chateau Impney event proud, Huge well done to everyone involved.

We topped out at 110 boats on display on Sunday so no small feat. We filled five gazebo's we had numerous boats afloat throughout the weekend, we got many youngsters (and not so youngsters) on the controls of various vessels, and they really enjoyed the experience. We had so much interest in the hobby, the club and much interest in WMBC attending more events (watch this space). Plus a number of membership enquirers!

All this plus the amazing news of our location at the International Model Boat Show, the real buzz around WMBC continues unrelenting. Our team grows even stronger the camaraderie and friendships evident. This comment from one of our new members " I have never been a member of a club where I have felt more welcome, and included".

The team at WMBC were outstanding, our event team giving up their free time on Friday to setup, we had many hands on the pump to made light the work. The team worked tirelessly to get the stand looking amazing, everyone back again early doors, not one complaint or issue, everyone getting on with it! Helping and being positive, engaging with the public, doing what we do best. We had an amazing take up for the event, and everyone loved every second, we in reality didn't want to go home. I would like to thanks the committee, the event team and every single member who took part, contributed or exhibited, you are truly amazing people and I cannot thank you all enough for making WMBC the huge success it is. Biggest thank you to the team at Chateau Impney who organised an amazing event, thank you for letting us attend, it was a real honour.

Chateau possibly the largest event a model boat club has ever been asked to attend, and we relished the challenge and excelled!

Literally hundreds of pictures to come, and not all boats!!!!

Well done everyone! Awesome weekend!

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