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Challenging Conditions

Sunday brought some very interesting conditions to Cob House, a gusting wind and bright sunshine greeted team WMBC. After a hearty breakfast and catch up, the crew were soon poolside.

By the time I had reached the pool a number of the boats were afloat, Team Johnson keen to get sailing, conditions were a little rough for Andy's yacht and after a quick jaunt around the pool it soon returned to the launching platform to sail another day. Phil Launched his Torpedo boat this being powered stood more of a chance, Ron quickly followed with a large naval vessel. Conditions were very 'windy'. Alex launched his latest acquisition a vintage cruiser, which has lovely lines and a real style, performance was somewhat lacking in the conditions much to everyone's amusement. Steve soon had his traditional Huntsman out and enjoying the water.

We had a few issues, someone who will remain nameless (as they requested anonymity) had a few issues with their yacht, this meant a launch of the full size rescue dinghy was needed, (been a while since we needed that) but joys of being a WMBC member we have the facilities to rescue any boat! without the dinghy the yacht would of been lost, so thank you to the team who launched in true RNLI style to facilitate a rescue. A successful recovery and no damage.

Otherwise an excellent mornings sailing. Many of the boats needed no power to travel up the pond, but plenty of power to return, and side to side was interesting in challenging conditions. Colin soon got his stunning fishing boat launched and Tony also launched his Southampton tug which despite some effort was no match for Alex's rescue tug 'Willy Shiftit'.

Good humour and smiles the order of the day.

Happy Boating!

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