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Catch up Time

Quiet time of year for the boaters out there, colder days, darker evenings, chance to take stock of projects and see 'whats next'. Plan the winter build. Nothing like that at WMBC! still full speed ahead! We've had reports of DC out playing with lightening, Brian trying to make wind, and Tony not going fast enough! Nothing unusual in any of those statements!

Thankfully our roving reporter got me some pictures and a brief run down of events this weekend. Look its better than nothing and until I'm permitted out of my box (i say more cage), this is as good as it gets this week with a sailing report.

Sarah reports even more new members!!!! (where are they all coming from??) who are all blown away by the friendly and warm welcome then stunned by the facilities we offer! Sarah is being kept rather busy.

With November drawing to a close we reach that time of year to renew your WMBC membership (for some anyhow) so be warned Sarah will soon be dropping an email in your inbox!


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