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Busy times!

Plenty going on with WMBC currently, both behind the scenes and poolside.

The event team are very busy getting the arrangements ready for Warwick 2018 (no small task). Plus busy building the exhibition stand. (Have to say it looks excellent!) Still a few tweaks to make here and there, huge thanks to the guys and gals behind the scenes making it all happen.

There is a real buzz and positive vibe around Warwick 2018, our members only to keen to support their club, it is really rewarding to those of us involved that everyone is being so supportive. We already looking at Warwick 2019, nothing like planning ahead!

We are obviously doing something very right, as we go from strength to strength and continue to grow. On that we welcomed along Francis and Pauline who came along to ‘check us out’, finding us by our, to quote them “fantastic” website! Both were extremely impressed by our venue, pond, facilities and the atmosphere poolside. Very keen to sign up and join team WMBC. We were only too happy to welcome them into the WMBC family. I confess we are continuing to gain members, to numbers never dreamt possible.

More new vessels to WMBC continue to arrive poolside every week, the enthusiasm of our members is infectious. New this week was Dave Weaver with his lovely Glasgow paddle tug which performed really well, Andy P was showing off his airbrushing talents with his newly refurbished PT boat, which looked really nice in it's new livery. Team Johnson had plenty out poolside, and the rag and stick sailors took advantage of the breeze. Resident sailing coach Brian was on the sticks with his wannabe sailors, and some good sailing practise was seen. In fact, I think just about everyone had a try at sailing yesterday, all appeared to be relishing the experience, in the glorious sunshine.

Focus now turns to Warwick International Boat Show. Full steam ahead for WMBC.

Happy Sailing.

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