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Busy, busy busy.

Another superb Sunday at Cob House Country Park this week, superb turnout of members, a real buzz in the air, members very enthusiastic regarding the 2019 events season. The first of our 2019 events now just over the horizon. This being the Weston Park Model Show. Members very keen to support their club at the event. Big thanks to DC for organising and running the event on behalf of WMBC.

Our increasing numbers mean bigger and bigger turnouts on a Sunday, everyone smiling, helping out and having fun. More fantastic vessels hitting the pool this week, and plenty of action. Thanks to our team of photographers who are doing a wonderful job filling the club galleries, remember every photo taken is added to the gallery, only a few pulled into the blog.

This week has been particularly busy, lots going on behind the scenes and some fantastic publicity from our partners and Chateau Impney. This meant quite a crowd were on hand to watch WMBC do their thing.

We also welcome another two new members who had found us this week, made contact and came along to see if it was as good as it read. They had brought a boat that was not playing ball, within 5 mins #teamWMBC were all over it and worked together to get it working and within 7 mins it was in he water sailing! The owners were blown away by the warm reception and assistance. Both commenting on the very warm welcome and superb venue, they soon signed up! Yet another warm welcome to new members, and apologies to Sarah for keeping her membership hat on and busy :-)

We keep on mentioning BIG NEWS, well this is the first of it, (plenty more to come)



MOST IMPORTANTLY: WMBC OPEN DAY 23.6.2019, Being held at Cob House Country Park, all members should have received an email. There maybe some delay as we are currently updating our systems etc. WMBC are very hopeful to better our 107 boats total in 2018.

There have been more events added to our events diary, so check out the event diary on the website, ASAP!


Thoughts now move to the upcoming events, and doing ourselves, WMBC and our hobby proud.

Happy Boating

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