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Bubbling Along

Sunshine, smiles and some great boating, brought the lauch of another flotilla of WMBC new builds.

We are now doing weekly blog updates, as one of the many joys of being a WMBC member is at least one of our multiple sailing venues members can sail 7 days a week! The WMBC team are certainly catching up on the lost boating over lockdown.

Sunday brought the lauch of the much anticipated fully rc and swimming Amphicar! and it performed wornderfully! We also had Alex's superb just finished Solent Class RNLI lifeboat hitting the water, along with with the refurbished Fairey Swordsman. Tony had tweaked the driveline in his tug 'Flyte' and what an improvement. He also launched his Super Mono X and was having fine fun entertaining the public enjoying all Cob House has to offer. Sarah launched her newly finished lovely traditional lifeboat. Ash had is large scale water jet boat out and it performed wonderfully. No issues yet again!

Finally after months of development the much anticipated 'amphicar' was launched, and the attached video proves the huge success... drove in drove out and sailed round perfectly.

Monday and Tuesday brought more great sailing to the WMBC team and even more vessels hitting the water.

Robert had his wonderful sail boat relishing the light breeze, Pete took along 3 from his fleet had the odd issue but thats the joys of boating, Barry was also out with his fishing boat. Brian finished up the team with his lovely tug, a great days boating reported. Another fine selection of vessels in the glorious sunshine at Cob.

Happy Boating

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