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Bournville Magic

For many the highlight of the WMBC calendar is the annual visit to Bournville for the illuminated regatta. A chance to festoon your boat with lights and sail round in unison. Always a great event, always really really well supported and always a really warm welcome from the team at Bournville. Thank you to everyone at Bournville for the invitation, warm welcome and for hosting such a great event. We have already been asked back for 2020, I of course accepted! So the 2020 events calendar is already filling up!

We had a great showing from #teamWMBC lots of boats and lots of willing sailors. Everyone made a great effort to get their boats illuminated, thank you for supporting YOUR club and the event. Highlights were Chris arriving, eating most of the food, drinking most of the tea then buying most of Bournville's boats! Ash's high speed runs with his F1 tunnel hull which the onlookers loved, Alex running his stunning Fairmile 'D' Motor Torpedo Boat for the first time (looked stunning on and off the water). Fine fun to be had on the water and a really great atmosphere, hard to beat. This year we managed two circuits of the pond in procession, and no incidents. Everyone went the right way, well done all.

Some great pictures coming, so take a look.

Sunday a number of hearty souls ventured out to boat even with the rain and forecaster weather, arriving to find Cob nice and dry and even some sunshine. Now OK in reality spent more time was spent chatting, eating breakfast, and drinking coffee. But all good fun, and its not all about the boating.

In other news, International Model Boat Show is now firmly on the horizon. Numerous emails and requests for boats to be considered for the event have been put out, and thank you to all those who have responded. Your enthusiasm to exhibit is really commended and really appreciated, the event team try to include everyone (after all that is what WMBC is all about).

Reminder there are still batteries available 2200mah 12v packs, be quick as these will be sold outside the club soon, and imagine they will soon be snapped up.

Apologies for the delayed update, the Hamster (aka Shaun) has gone AWOL and left me with the baton of sorting the website, and I've need some 'training' ;-)

Happy Boating

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